Mark Rome's legal and real estate expertise can help you achieve your goals.  MJ Rome delivers favorable results with its keen understanding of how to get deals closed - skills acquired over decades of transactional experience. We are committed to providing counsel unsurpassed in the hospitality industry. We focus on driving value for clients through careful analysis of historical and projected financial performance, property features and amenities, and detailed market dynamics in order to highlight opportunities for upside while managing challenges to be faced. 

MJ Rome succeeds by leveraging its command of the key investment criteria driving deals and relevant capital markets information. MJ Rome offers a client-focused approach to structuring lodging asset transactions. We will help you achieve your goals - not by insisting we know your business assets better than you do, but rather - through collaboration and by combining our marketing and negotiation skills with your insight and unique knowledge of your assets. 

There is no set formula for putting lodging and hospitality deals together as each transaction presents a distinct set of challenges and opportunities. MJ Rome delivers seasoned and creative problem-solving and will steer the sales process through a myriad of issues, a multitude of parties, and a surplus of data. MJ Rome keeps the sales process simple so you can focus on your core business.